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The Lord has crowned the year (2011) with His goodness and caused us to walk in His paths that drips with His fatness (Psalm 65:11)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basking In The Love Of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ

Recently I had been rather busy being caught up in work - definitely a blessing from the Lord at such a time as this when people around me were trying to look for things to do and keep them occupied.

Indeed, I have two consulting projects going concurrently and another regular monthly training project. And the Lord, for good measure, landed two very quick training projects onto my plate this month. And so, I was just sharing with my beloved wife that I have work almost every day and that the Lord had added joy to my situation (last year around this time I was struggling to find work to occupy my time) and how blessed and loved by the Lord I felt.

And all these times I consciously kept my focus on believing the Lord for His abundance of grace on my situation. Every time I encountered a challenge, I chose to believe that the Lord will grant me the break-through and indeed, He had been faithful to bless. And as long as I stayed focused on Him, I noticed that the burden became lighter and soon the blessings came as in a flood gushing down the channel.

So, what am I trying to say here? that I just sit back and do nothing but believe that He will come through for me? No, I am saying that the Lord looks upon our hearts and sees our faith in Him. Faith is the only currency in Heaven and when we have that currency, we will be abundantly supplied. So I would encourage you to look away from your situation and look towards the Lord and see Him in His love for you. If He chose to set aside everything and give you His VERY BEST (His darling beloved SON), how much more will He be willing to grant us His blessings.

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A New Believer's Prayer

Thank you Father for loving us so much that You sent Your precious Son Jesus Christ to this world to die for all our sins. I receive Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.
Thank you that all my sins have been nailed to the Cross on Jesus at His death and because He died in our place, I am now saved forever. I have been made righteous in Your sight because of what Jesus did and I can now enjoy Your blessings over my life. Thank you for the privilege of being called Your Child and for the Gift of Your Holy Spirit in my life. AMEN